My Hairdressers just vanished 

Ok like most people I like to stay with the same people for certain things the top of that list is definitely my hair, I have been going to the same two people for quite some time and always loved how my hair looked when I came out, better still they were close to my house and could always fit me in at the daft times I needed. 

When I decided to change my hair from red to blond they even managed that without fuss to imagine my thought process when I walked into the Salon to find them gone! Both of them just gone and I don’t think they are still working or if they are i can’t find them. I do like the Salon for other treatments to when I was told they have two new hairdressers in thought well I will give them a go see what happens. 

I was quite nervous as they had no idea about my colour ect but no matter what I needed it doing and it had to be someone new so why not, I was in the Salon quite a long time and both hairdressers worked on my hair one colouring one cutting and all in all not bad, slow and the cold hairdryer was odd my hair was still damp when I left thinking that is not bad (not as good as Nat but not bad).

I ended up having to go back a couple of days later as when I washed and styled it myself I noticed that it was a bit uneven in places and one side was a little longer than the other but to there credit they did not make a fuss just apologised and fixed it (taking another hour to trim the bottom) but at least it now is level and I will be going back for another go see if confidence makes any difference in a couple of weeks.


The final colour was not a bad match 


Welcome to my world

To start with a little about what I do and what I love in life as you may find that this is not just about my work, making lots of different bits taken inspiration from the past and making it just a little more up to date and usable, but I also have a long running love with everything makeup and beauty as well as being quite passionate about day to day issues.

Until last year I have worked in many different fields but some how ended up going back to School to study Law and then working in that for sometime I must admit at this point that I did that for all the wrong reasons and though I never regret going back to School I do whish that I had done something that I enjoyed rather than something that I felt others would be proud of.

As such after working in the legal profession for a couple of years it started to affect both my mental and physical health and I left to try and restart my life doing something that makes me happy, I may not make as much money but I can now at least say that I love what I do (most of the time sometimes when I am trying to finish something at 2 in the morning I may say something very different).

Doing what I know do allows me to spent time with my children and also to jump to different things that I am enjoying at that moment, my Instregram and twitter are full of a mix of my life and I shows not only the things that I sell but also updates on the things that I am enjoying. feel free to nip over and say hi.

So all in all that is me just a normal person trying to find something to smile about every day, I will be trying to update this at least twice a week but maybe more depending on what is going on.

Keep smiling