Large projects and the question of price (rant)

Not everything I make is baby size and sometimes it’s amazing fun to make something more challenging even if you find that they are harder to sell on as it’s not a quick make that only has taken a day but that I may have been working on days or even weeks, more than once I have been asked why something is £60 or more many times people are more than happy and understand the time that has been put into making it but at the last fair I went to a lady came over and asked about a very large throw have gone through everything she looked at the price on it laughed, I had half been expecting this as I had seen her at other stalls telling people she could make it herself and that they expected too much.

 I am not one for confrontation but that drives me mad at fairs many of the crafts people have spent years perfecting there skills and many hours making the goods they sell, in the case of this throw it had taken me 5 days work and was priced at £85 I have others that cosy more but many that are less, she very kindly pointed out that the yarn could not have cost me anywhere near that to buy as I was selling yarn sets for £10, I have to be honest at this point I may have become a little sarcastic but in my defence she was so rude to so many people  (maybe not the best defence buts it’s all I have). 

Now technically she was right I had a set with the pattern and yarn for a very similar throw for sale (it was £25 for the set but not the point), now I have no problem breaking down my cost to anyone and I love seeing the outcome when someone takes one of the patterns and makes it themselves as I completely understand the joy of making something but to expect someone to give there time free to make something by hand feels a little insulting and it was clear that this particular lady felt that the handmade items should be a lot cheaper and was being very vocal on the subject. Oddly she did appear to want the throw and offered me the £25 of the pack I had shown here with the pattern so I handed her the pack with my best, if a little fake, smile and an offer of my time for £60 to make it up for her sarcastic yes, did I make a sale, no she stormed off but I did get a very small smile from her husband and tea and cake from one of the other stalls holders. 

There is a point to my rant apart from me wanting to rant and that is when something is handmade your not just paying for the item your buying the skill, care and love that has been put into it your buying something that is just for you as no two handmade items are the same and I am certain that is worth so much more. 

I still think £85 is a good price for this but I maybe wrong well I like it.