Apparently I can’t be a feminist! WHAT

So you may have guessed but if not I love makeup and crochet, I also enjoy baking and stay at home with my kids at the moment I have not always stayed home but the other parts of me are the same.

I have always been very much involved in politics and have called myself a feminist for as long as I can remember understanding what that means, lately I have found that the judgements of people have become more harsh towards women who make the choice to be feminine, to stay home, who enjoy makeup and cloths in fact more than once I have been told that there is no way I can be a real feminist and be who I am.

I know that people all have their own views on what the term means but for me it means the right to make choices to be who ever I want to be and for others to be who they want to be, the right to look the way we want and do as we please with owe bodies. For me I enjoy what I do and it makes me happy, makeup can be a way of changing the way I look a way of hiding me or it can be just that I like the look of it or I like the colour, mostly I just like colours. 

By putting others down for the choices they make then how is that helping us move forward if we are constantly trying to limit what it is to be a feminist, to make a one size fits all is that not just making it worse taking away choice in another way? I don’t have all the answers in fact I don’t know if I have any answers all I know is that if you do what makes you happy and it was your choice then that is equality. I feel this works for all men and women if we all are free to make the choice no matter ower gender then that is equality and is that not the point of the feminist movement from the start.

It is only my opinion and everyone is entitled to there own opinions but please don’t tell someone they can’t just because it does not fit yours if it does not hurt you.